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My 250th post

My lips are quivering, my heart beating fast and my fingers unnaturally tense as I write this. I finally deactivated my Facebook account. It feels sooo good. I never understood why I even got on there in the first place. Sure, it's a great tool to help keep in touch with friends. But most of my friends are hooked up and largely unavailable. And I don't make new friends easily. The couple of friends that are still around are neither ambitious nor energetic. Nothing wrong with that, of course. They are good people but their priorities are not aligning at all with my own increasingly restless nature. I will be there if they need me but its high time I went incognito.

Snow shoeing, flight training and hiking are those activities that I have been enjoying with some regularity in the past couple of years. The lifting will continue. But I have enjoyed them all alone. No one cares or need to care about my thoughts on the way a particular tree leans on a trail, a particular pond looks …

Four brief product reviews

In the last couple of years, I have refrained from buying anything unless I really needed it. I noticed a lot of my friends had developed this habit much earlier on in their lives. Well, it took me a bit longer. Anyway, I brought four products in December 2012 because I needed them and here are their reviews.

Sennheiser RS120

Wireless speakers are not exactly news. But with 2013 the year of the "clutter free", the regular speakers that I had connected to my laptop were displaced by these Sennheiser speakers. It didn't exactly make it clutter free as I still had to connect the base unit to the laptop and, of course, the power plug to the surge protector. But the wireless headset is simply amazing. Previously if I watched a movie later in the evening, I would have to keep the sound really low. And occasionally put up with the couple upstairs having "fun". Not anymore. Plus I can now listen to music while moving about the place. The reception is clear even in the …