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Showing posts from January 2, 2008

Without faith

I was reading (on some interesting findings on how Americans feel about the use of Creationism, Intelligent Design and Evolution in classrooms in the US. Being Atheist, I have always been bemused by religious systems. I mean, it always amazes me that people who are otherwise intelligent and educated would continue to believe in stuff that continues to cause the three Cs around our planet: concern, consternation and carnage. On a positive note, I can understand someone using a particular belief system as a form of meditation. Hey, whatever to improve the quality of your life, right? But...I believe that religion is an effective tool only when used to attain personal well-being. It easily has the potential to become a monster when imposed on others. Because doing so seems to evoke the same emotions that come pouring out when one attempts to impose one's taste in movies, humor or music onto others.

Despite all my misgivings on this very sensitive topic, I go to extrem…