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As old man winter tops the hill, I start spending a lot more time in my apartment, y'know, learning new stuff. No snowboarding this winter because of a niggling right knee injury that has recently become a bit too active for my liking. I will consider snow sports next year...or maybe I will just go ahead and do a bit of low impact snow shoeing. I do like the feel of crisp, cold air and that moment when snowfall makes your tracks disappear almost as fast as you make them. Squatting and overhead pressing as always will help keep the knee and all my other joints running smoothly. It is when I don't train that I start feeling a bit rusty all over: that right knee throbs with a dull, warm ache, the left shoulder starts stinging and I end up leaning for an indefinite period against a wall thinking of nothing.

Spicy chicken and beans will do a body a world of good. Try washing it down with a bit of Jamaican rum.Last month I finally left a comfortable job of 10 years for an unknown len…