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"Mom AWOL During Custody Battle Turns Self In"

Apparently the US Army is mulling over desertion charges for a female soldier who recently served in Iraq. This woman obtained emergency leave so she could return to the States to fight a custody battle for her child. Her main reason for getting into the military: so it could pay her bills.

If "soldiers" like this lady are what this nation has to depend on going forward then I am gonna go get trained in guerilla warfare myself. A lot of US citizens feel that it is the Army's duty to help out the woman. Pussies, I say to them! What do you think the Army is: a f*cking welfare program?!

I have to wonder about the various flavors of compassion evident in today's society. We have this female soldier and her plight (I think that she screwed up). On the other "end" of the social ladder, we have Paris Hilton in jail. Then...Wait! What? Paris is already out of jail! Well, gosh darn heckers!! She is such a "class act", isn't she?

On a side note, I remember…

True Depravity?

Ok, so this morning I had had a solid breakfast at the Country Kitchen in Weymouth and was making my way back to the office. As I was stopped in a red light, this driver, an Elizabeth Hurley lookalike, comes careening around the corner (she had a green light) in a little Volkswagon as if she had forgotton to slow down for the turn. Y'know, Oops! I did it again and all that...Then I realized what was happening. She looked like she was giggling, had a cigarette in her left hand (which was also clutching the steering wheel) and had a phone to her right ear (using her right hand, of course).
I mean, what the hell, man?!