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Injury Management

Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Here is my list of injuries over the years:

Later 2003 - Left lower back strain while squatting. First ever visit to a chiropractor revealed two subluxations in neck, one in upper back and one in lower back. More on these later.

Summer 2005 - Significant lateral meniscus tear in right knee from playing Tennis on a hard court while wearing worn out sneakers.

Fall 2006 - Forced subluxation in upper back when barbell slipped during heavy isometric squat hold. This in turn started pangs of pain in left shoulder that has recurred a few times a year since.

Early 2009 - Left elbow tendinitis (Tennis elbow).

Spring/Summer 2010 - Right elbow tendinitis (Golfer's elbow) first instigated by a lapse in concentration while chinning during spring 2010 and later worsened by heavy farmer's walks that summer.

Early Summer 2011 - Right thumb inflammation (DeQuervain's Tendonitis?) from moving up in my overhead pressing weight quickly. I was also milita…