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Prince of Persia - A brief movie preview

Jake on the sets of the movie in North Africa.

So...Jake Gyllenhaal will play the Persian Prince. Hey, at least it ain't Tobey Maguire or Orlando Bloom. Here is an article on this movie. Daniel Craig surprised everyone with Casino Royale. So I am gonna keep my thoughts to myself on this one. Jake is a great choice for a lot of roles. Anyone who has watched October Sky will know what I mean. However, this would be his first action outing -- that is, if you discount his other "action" outing, Brokeback Mountain.

The original game and its successors have always involved a lot of running, swimming, climbing, vaulting and solving of puzzles in addition to sword fights and archery. But the storyline in all these games has been mostly linear -- the new one coming out in Q4 2008 apparently will be an exception -- and simply about getting from one level to another until the Prince finally gets to rescue the Princess. So it should be interesting to see Gyllenhaal's performance i…