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Breakfast at Easter's Country Kitchen

Steak, eggs, toast and coffee.

A poem, everyone, a poem!

So this girl I am seeing couldn't make any peach tarts. Being the presumptuous son of a gun that I am, I came with a poem from the point of view of the girl ;-)

O dear little peach tart,
You've played such a vital part,
In that life of mine so smart,
But now I am seeing an upstart,
Who happens to be pretty swart,
That means you have to depart.


Running Injuries

If you are a slow runner or "jogger", this likely won't apply to you. I am talking about sprinting. Earlier this summer, during a sprinting session, I felt a little tug behind my left knee right at the crease. So I stopped sprinting because I wasn't sure what the heck was going on. That knee was slightly uncomfortable for a few hours after. I decided to take a month off from running. During that time, I went on a road trip and then started working on my full squat numbers.

I started sprinting again two weeks ago and sure enough, toward the end of that 1/2 hour session, there was that tugging again. So last week, I did a bit of research to figure out what could be causing that. And I realized that I was probably hyper-extending my left knee at the same time the left foot touched the ground...slightly behind me in order to propel me forward. So then it seemed like a question of form. This past Sunday, I decided to concentrate on a high knee lift on the leading leg. This…