Monday, April 2, 2007

Sprinting for Summer

Well, so I was out on the track at UMASS yesterday afternoon doing 25 yard sprints. It was a warm, breezy day. The overall effect of the weather felt cool. I was the only guy on the track. I felt sorry for all those people who like their couches too much. The workout was intense and that is how I like it. Slow, long distance running could never give me the satisfaction that sprinting does as I have always had a natural tendency to move fast and smooth. By early summer, I should be at the 50 yard sprinting level sporting a lean mean physique. The women at Revere beach this summer will have a lot to fantasize about (more so than last year).

I have to train instinctively because of the meniscus tear in my right knee. But the knee feels really solid. But either the PCL or the popliteus muscles on both knees started aching...or it could have just been really sore upper calves (since I've felt that type of soreness after really hitting seated calf raises at the gym) or hamstring tendons. Anyway I will be at it again this coming Sunday and I am planning a more elaborate warm-up this time around to see if the pain at the back of my knees isn't as significant. The warm-up would be so elaborate that an observer would find it difficult to distinguish the warm-up from the actual workout and subsequent cool-down.