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Showing posts from June 4, 2008

Commonwealth Delicacy

So last night I was out with this wonderful woman Ingrid, a Sociology professor, who was thinking of moving to Boston. I don't believe that I have ever dated anyone sweeter. The chemistry was so sizzling you could have thrown a couple of eggs our way and they would have finished scrambling by the time they hit the floor. Naturally, toward the end of dinner, we ended up holding hands and just gazing at each other. Those cornerside lounge-style tables at Match on Mass Ave are simply awesome! For once, it was a relief for me to not think of something to say on a first date. Anyway, after dinner we took a walk on Commonwealth ave toward the Commons. We held hands and kissed several times enroute. Usually I am very conscious of kissing in public but this time, it just felt so right!! Being with the right woman does that to you, I guess. That is the kind of date everyone dreams of. Although it has happened to me occasionally before, this one was special. I don't see why I can't …