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'nuff said

The Sacromento Bee has an article today about people who still have no use for cell phones. Some excerpts:

"I'm a cell-phone holdout and proud of it. I have yet to find a situation where I feel that my life would be enhanced by owning one. When faced with a flat tire on a freeway ramp in 100-degree temperature in Sacramento, a kind young man saw my plight, stopped and changed my tire. I would have missed out on experienceing this act of kindness had I used a cell phone to call my towing company."-- Maria E. Tebbutt, Davis

"I purchased a cell phone in February 2006 and it's still in its original package. I bought it because my friends were telling me it's good to have in an emergency. Well, apparently I don't have emergencies since it's still gathering dust in the package. I've seen people walk right into oncoming traffic, light rail trains, you name it, because they were so busy yakking that nothing else seemed to matter."-- Alexandra Adams, S…