Monday, May 14, 2007

What's In A Name

It seems that the two most common names for babies in the US are Emily and Jacob.

Social Security Presents America’s Favorite Baby Names for 2006

It can't be an entirely white thing since there are just as many Asian families that prefer to provide Christian first names for their kids (that kid who shot up Virigina Tech was a notable exception).

A lot of people I meet surprise me to a small extent (it has been a while since anyone surprised me to a large extent). Maybe I too easily typecast people. That's probably it. But their general demeanor and choice of words have no bearing on their first names. Who would you envision when you hear the name Kate? Perhaps that prim chick that William dude was shagging? Well, I met a Kate in a bar last week and, on first sight, thought her name might have been, oh, I don't know, a Trinity or something. She had a piercing in her nose, multi-colored hair (both of which gave her a punk look) and promptly started off with a discussion of what comprises male ejaculate. I think that she was an artist who painted some form of erotica or something. For the record though she was concentrating mostly on my friend David who her on (God bless you, m'boy). So I won't claim to have attracted her. No, I have nothing against her appearance (I thought it was cool) but I found the subject of "discussion" somewhat disgusting. I would eventually turn my concentration to the cold brew in front of me.

It is apparent that parents try to live a moment of fantasy (however brief that may be) when they name their children :-)