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The Benoit factor
Who knows why someone would kill a 7 year old like that (personally I don't give a crap about the guy or his wife). A couple of summers back, one of my friends' wife jumped from their 21st floor apartment in downtown Boston. She took their toddler with her. I think I know why she jumped but could never figure out why she took the baby with her.I don't have any of the issues apparently people like these have. Nor do I have any intention of screwing up my life. If I have to, I will deal with problems but I will shy away from putting my head in a lion's mouth. My resting heart rate is around 55 and I aim to keep it that way :)

My last post was a rather angry (and disappointed) look into the human need to reproduce. Given the disparate types of violence we see around us every day, I can't help but feel we are walking into a major quagmire of sorts.


Planet's Population Hit 6.5 Billion Saturday

Tony Blair and Co.

While I understand the instinctive need for humans to bear children (after all, we are animals too), I cannot quite agree that everyone is supposed to have children. As Gretel Ehrlich, while trekking through the glaciers of the southern Andes, writes in her wonderful The Future of Ice,

"I don't have children. The man I am with wants children. Isn't all this beauty enough?"

We have the ability to literally lighten the load on planet Earth. But the majority doesn't give a f*ck. They preach but, at the end of the day, are really only concerned about their wealth and their "traditions". I am not against material wealth. Far from it. I firmly believe that one should be able to take care of oneself and not rely on others. But if we consider ourselves higher than other animals with the ability to surmise and suppose (not to mention the ability to preserve entire ecosystems, if we so desired), then…