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Showing posts from December 3, 2007

All steamed up

So my parents have a new room set up for steam baths at their place. They took an existing bathroom on the first floor and merged it with the dining room closet that was next to it. The merger has led to a larger, modern bathroom in an otherwise old-world type Victorian home. I used the steam bath for the first time last night. I have used a sauna many times before but this really takes the cake. The steam bath "got" to me faster while a sauna always seemed to take forever (now that I think about it). I was expecting cakes of dirt to come out of my skin but nothing like that happened. Maybe I was not in there long enough (only seven minutes) or maybe I wasn't as dirty a man as I thought I was. By the end of those seven minutes, I was feeling like a pig in heat. It seemed like I was slightly sweating off the bottom of my feet (do we even have sweat pores there?)! Anyway, it felt really good to turn on the cold water, whence I felt like a hippo in heat. Just kidding :) All…