Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Bee and the Beah

This is wild Salmon. I've been eating Salmon since time immemorial. I think that my interest in Salmon originally stemmed from my fascination with Alaska--hopefully I can visit Alaska again soon.

My protein these days comes primarily from Salmon and (organic) eggs, followed by a distal bacon and beef. Chicken is usually only consumed when I visit my folks. When it comes to fish, my first choice is clearly Salmon. I like Tuna but restrict it these days in favor of Salmon. I like my Salmon either smoked or raw. Either way it is consumed along with a couple of eggs or in a salad tossed with a bit of jalapeƱo ranch dressing.

This article describes what I've instinctively known for years. Also farm-raised fish is inferior. Fish is expensive enough as it is. You might as well spend an extra dollar (or two) and get the wild stuff.

This is an organic beer and I have to say mighty tasty. No, I am not going organic with beer. I just happened to pick it up the other day when David was coming over to watch the UFC and, once home, realized it was an organic product. Delicious too!