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Anatomy of a scene

Elation! That's what I felt. I clutched the novels, one from Alistair MacLean and another from Louis L'amour, as I left the library and started riding home on a rickety bicycle. The final exams were over. I could now look forward to six weeks of summer holidays before my junior year in high school commenced. I didn't have much to do but read, enjoy my solo rides out into the hot country and hang out with friends. I wasn't as given to spending a lot of time doing the latter. So I was spending a lot of time doing the other stuff.

That particular morning, I had found two of my favorite authors on the same day in the dusty chaos that was the little library in Narimedu! But before I reached home to devour my finds for the day, I had to make a stop at a friend's house in LIC Colony. After half an hour there, I was getting hungry for both food and literary content and so decided to leave. But rather than make my way back through Sellur, I decided to take a detour through K…

A Sweaty Saturday - Beaches and Pole Dancing

Its official, folks! I no longer use sunblock for sun protection when I sunbathe at the beach. Instead I have switched to unrefined coconut oil. And I have to say my skin felt a lot cooler when I was at Revere beach this past Saturday morning! Also, while there, I noticed an Indian guy sunbathing and canoodling with this really fat, white girl...a mistake that I, of course, will never make no matter how wishful I might be for female company. But it was a refreshing change to see an Indian fella in proper beach wear at a non-India beach. What else? A bunch of kids kept kicking up sand playing football (aka soccer) nearby. That was really annoying! Then this big Indian (Sri Lankan?) family showed up fully dressed, parked themselves plumb in the middle of some beauties and started laying out all this food. Two of the beauties, seemingly annoyed, promptly picked themselves up and moved away. The family, of course, looked like they didn't give a sh*t. I am not as cynical of these thing…

Blast It

So, after 10 years, the AC in my car has finally conked out. I had it recharged a week ago but now I know for sure that a component or two in the climate control subsystem will need to be replaced. I haven't got a quote yet but, along with a new EGR valve and clutch pedal, I likely will have to shell out something slightly more than a grand. I have been driving a few days now in 80+ degrees. I am so used to canned air here in Boston, that a lack of a working AC in my car has set me wondering about how I managed the heat when I grew up in the hot streets of Madurai. As a matter of fact, I wonder how people in a country like India manage the intense heat and pollution. Maybe they don't manage. Maybe they just bear it. I mean take a look at this sh*t:

This particular video reminds me of the ECR in Chennai...except, "ECR road" as locals refer to it, actually appears narrower at points because of super-heavy traffic!When I stayed at the house of a close friend on the ECR d…

Door 3 Gallery Opening Soon

My friends Kate and Jason are opening an artsy gallery in Boston. Look, no one is paying me to do this stuff, alright? But you gotta admit these flyers certainly add a bit of color and grit to my blog.

Gallery reception: July 10, 8pm to 9:30pm

Click image for larger image.

Broadway Bicycle School will also be hosting a Women's Basic Mechanics Class Mondays from 5:30pm to 7:30pm starting in August. I guess way too many chicks have been coming into the shop to get their bikes fixed or somethin'...

Click image for larger image.

ID4 - A weekend recap

Well, I didn't do much for July 4 last year. This year it was decently busy. I resolved an "issue of the mind" with a neighbor early on Friday, cleaned up the place in the afternoon and met up with David and Kate in the back bay later in the evening. We then biked over to Jason's place in Roxbury for a few hours of celebration. It was pretty dark on Jason's roofdeck. But the food was really good. Once I pointed a finger at a girl,

"That girl looks good, dude."
"Gopi, please, don't ever point a finger like that. It offends people."

Now David's advice on dating and women has always helped me out in the past. So I had no hesitation in jogging that piece of advice down in my memory. But I really couldn't catch anyone else's eye and everyone seemed to just stick to their known group of friends. Blech!

Anyway, David and I decided to leave around 11.30. Kate, who was in earnest conversation with a Tobey Maguire type, decided to hang out l…