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Message in a bottle?

So I am pretty sure that I have plenty of algae growth in the water bottle I use at the office. So far I've had two of my colleagues ask me, "But...why is it green?", with a frankly baffled look on their faces (it was kind of cute...the way one of the ladies asked that question).

Le bouteille.
Personally I have not had any problems drinking from this bottle for close to 2 years now. I've instinctively seen the algae growth more as a safety sign than anything else...until the second colleague posed the afore-mentioned question this morning. Now I am wondering if I should be worried. The research I've done on this so far indicates that, as long as I feel good and can perform well, I should be fine with algae in my bottle. Other sources warn that one should always keep water containers clean with this cleaning method or that because of the dangers posed by toxic algae.
The problem with living in the "modern" age is that sometimes one has too much inf…