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Showing posts from October 22, 2008

State of the Fall

I have no idea what I was trying to convey with the title of this post but who cares? Anyway, here are some photos I took this past Saturday when I was up by Crescent Lake with Russ. Even though I just snapped away, I still had the presence of mind to use a ND grad filter to underexpose the sky. Click the pictures for a larger version.

The wisps of cloud immediately caught my attention.

Note the cranberry patch in the right, foreground.

And a closeup of the cranberry patch. Tart!

A couple of the locals at Crescent lake looking for work...

Russ had some nice stonework next to his cottage.

Would you believe that this picture was taken right next to the town dump?! By the way, the dump was new...

Note the milkweed. This was a terrific, sunny meadow!

We briefly investigated a beaver dam.

A random road that led to a farm where the look of things suggested a hesitant maple syrup operation.

Another random road that I was somewhat taken with.
On Sunday (the following day), I did a nice, energetic hike …