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Showing posts from July 30, 2007

Oh, ye of little faith

Apparently Walmart is coming out with a full line of religious toys.

The Samson on...I mean, and Goliath toy. Hey, where's the delectable Delilah? Are they fighting over her?

If toys have to put the faith in kids, then that to me is an act of desperation by those who want to send the message. Of course, I can't discount the possibility that this (out-of-control kids who need to be showered with the latest toy) is also an economic opportunity for some shrewd people to make money.

It will always be difficult for a high-consumption, fully democratic society and religion to "integrate" the way religious leaders probably want the general population to. Because if it were any easier, then there wouldn't be that much of a difference between the societal "morals" of the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Guess who this is? Yup. David. That discerning young man who slayed Goliath. This was a sculpture by Donatello (circa 1440). Of course, its hardly want you want your …