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Showing posts from April 3, 2013

A brief food review

An unseasonably cold day in April. Perfectly normal in New England, of course. After a business trip earlier in the day to bereft Lowell, I came back to town with a sudden hankering for sushi and a stiff drink. So I went out to Billy Tse across the waterfront.

Spicy tuna maki
Ginger martini
Kung pao chicken with a side order of white rice.
It would have been nice to taste a bit more ginger in the martini. The kung pao chicken was perfect. It wasn't greasy and there was just the right amount of sauce in it to mix with the white rice. And the rice was "sticky" enough for my chopsticks. I wolfed down the sushi before I even laid eyes on it.

Nothing ground breaking here. I was hungry, the food delicious and it got its just desserts!