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Showing posts from February 11, 2008

Chettinadu isn't just about the food

Chettinad cuisine is famous throughout India. I personally have dabbled with making Chettinad chicken curry many a time. Of course, I am still not confident enough to make my masterpiece available to others. Anyway, when I visited India recently, I made special note of something else: architecture. To that end, I had posted some photos in an earlier post. But here are some photos I came across on TrekEarth over the weekend. These are photographs of several houses/mansions sporting Chettinad style architecture.

A classic exterior.

A paved open space in front of the house. Would this be where Deepavali fire crackers are lit, where Pallanguli is played under a setting sun and where kids hop, skip and jump (probably not good for the lower back, huh)?

Interior with an open courtyard. The afore-mentioned activities could happen here too.

Similar interior but with a closed ceiling. Well, maybe not the fire crackers then, huh?

A walkway for late night ponderings. A lightness or heaviness of heart …