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Showing posts from February 7, 2008


Last night I made a few (mostly positive) observations at the gym. Here they are in no particular order:

1. All three (3) squats racks were being used for...(drumroll)...squatting! Two guys were doing back squats while I did front squats (225 for reps, I should say). And one of the guys actually squatted ass to the grass!

But my fellow squatters were all male. So unfair!

2. I spotted an Indian guy. Would you believe that?! An Indian guy at the gym!! He looked dweeby, which really is a perfect reason to get into a gym. But...I am overjoyed just to have seen a (dweeby) looking Indian guy in the gym! Yay! The fact that he did a 180 and started walking the other way as soon as he saw me didn't matter (FOB Indians are like that). I was just too elated to care!!

I heard Kal Penn was pretty good in The Namesake.

3. I was wearing a green football (that's soccer to you, gringos) t-shirt with the word "Ronaldinho" emblazoned on it. I wonder how many Patriots fans thought I was tryi…