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No, I am not involved in the making of a movie called "2077". Nor is it a prediction of when I expect to acquire Sixth Sense syndrome. 2077 is the number of calories I have been consuming as part of my nutrition plan for Spring Training 2008. I don't nitpick at every aspect of my diet. For instance, I treated myself to a glass of blush wine last night. And then I brushed my teeth and went to sleep like a baby. Good manly stuff!

I use a log at Very useful! The foods here come to approximately 2077 calories.But...I don't eat the Quinoa and the Chicken everyday. I eat the Quinoa -- or, for a change, Pasta with roasted garlic and olive oil -- only on non-training days. I eat the Chicken only on training days. By the way, the Chicken is pan roasted in its own fat -- I add only a dab of olive oil and a select bunch of spices to it. The rest of the items in the list are consumed 6 days out of the week. So I have been eating anywhere from 1700 t…