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Godavari (A brief movie review)

Godavari is the first Telugu movie that I have watched.

A romantic musical, this movie revolves around Sriram (Sumanth) and Seeta (Kamalini Mukherjee) and a few other characters. But the way the screenplay goes, I don't think that we are supposed to give a sh*t about anyone other than Sriram and Seeta (except maybe for a dog).Sriram, an idealist, intends to involve himself in politics in an effort to serve the public. He is also interested in marrying his cousin Raji (Neetu Chandra). Raji, on the other hand, wants to settle down with a practical guy who has a regular job. She rejects Sriram and gets engaged to some other dude. With Raji's marriage finalized, her wedding party undertakes a multi-day journey to the place of the wedding on a riverboat. Sriram, who would rather be elsewhere, reluctantly tags along as well.

Seeta wants to live her life as a financially independent woman and is not exactly excited about getting into an arranged marriage. She finally gives into pressur…