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Alien Trilogy - 1996 studio recording (A brief soundtrack review)

Unlike the Alien Resurrection soundtrack, this album has mostly active pieces, meaning that the music can stand on its own without the visuals.

Both the "Main Title" tracks from Alien and its first sequel Aliens (and especially the latter) are subtle, haunting and ethereal. These need to be listened to in an absolutely calm environment.

"Futile Escape" projects the overall character of the second movie (which, unlike the first movie, is more action than horror).

"Bishop's Countdown", which possibly may have started James Horner's long and productive career in Hollywood, gets your heart rate going. If I am in traffic, I have to ultra-concentrate on my driving.

The last three tracks, "Lento", "Candles in the wind" and "Adagio" (from Alien 3) sound right out of an orchestra. They are melancholic, inspiring and at times evoke strong feelings of agitation. "Adagio" especially ends with a premonition of disconcerting …