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New Year Resolutions - 2013

It just happens that the new year arrived at a time when I have decided to make a few minor changes. Quite a coincidence. But these are typical year round changes and adjustments based on "what works, what doesn't" and is really an ongoing process.
1) Stop reading/listening to news. If it is worth knowing, someone will tell me about it anyway. This will also allow people to talk and me to listen. 2) Read more books on Kindle. This is cheaper, easier to carry around and also reduces clutter in my small apartment. 3) Replace vacuum cleaner with a stick, wireless vacuum cleaner. The current vacuum cleaner takes up valuable space for a major part of the month, is not used as much as it should be and is ungainly to use around my small apartment. "Wireless" should be the wired word around my place. 4) Call women rather than texting them. Texting/emailing can wait until after something comes out of getting a number. I am at a stage where I can quickly start applying …