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Showing posts from April 26, 2007

Pristine Prisons?

Finally legislators in California have agreed to a plan to "overhaul" that state's extremely troubled prison system.

Prison plan details are discussed Wednesday by, from left, Senate Minority Leader Dick Ackerman, Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez, Senate leader Don Perata and Assembly Minority Leader Mike Villines. Picture Copyright: Sacramento Bee/Brian Baer.

For years, no one could reach a solution on the problem of overcrowding in California's prisons. I have been following this particular issue with a great deal of interest for a long time now. A couple of Unions, naturally, are against the they have been for many years now.

My own take...I certainly hope the two unions don't have any success in overturning this plan. I cannot yet say if the unions are wrong or correct but at some point California will need to find out what will work (or atleast ease the problem). All parties concerned on this issue have been at a stalemate for way too long at the expense…

Showdown in little Barbados!

So...the Sri Lankans and the Aussies will be facing off (again) in the Cricket World Cup 2007 Final in Barbados. Watching these two teams perform so far has been an immensely pleasurable experience...and a stark reminder that it cannot get any worse for the Indian team which was sent home after the first round.

I still have to hear Indian selectors say, "Yes, we have a serious problem. We have players but no team." Until they do that, I am not going to have a positive outlook on the chances for the Indian "team" in the next World Cup (or for that matter, whatever the next major tournament will be).