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Yesterday was Diwali - Festival of Lights

Steve forwarded me this satellite photo of India. Extraordinary!

Man, I love boardwalks!

I hung out in Cape Cod for a couple of days over the Columbus day weekend this month. I rented a bicycle and spent most of one day on the CCRT. The other day I did some pleasant hikes. What glorious weather! They have some nice boardwalks in Cape Cod! The one pictured here is one of the smallest and is part of the idyllic Button Bush trail.
Salt Pond in Eastham was breezy as usual. The swans don't take off when they see me anymore. They have become like the squirrels in Central Park!

I sat by here for about half an hour and simply listened to the wind moving through the trees. This stand of trees down a small hill next to the pond also reminded me of our family home in the south shore as there used to be a similar stand of trees outside my folks' house located on a hill. 'twas a charming afternoon!

Spotted in Stoneham

Alaska plates in MA. That's a first!!

Five minutes later, I was taking a bead on this at a Boston Market:

'twas love at first sight!

RIP Jack LaLanne

September 26, 1914 – January 23, 2011

Like Zabo Koszewski, he trained and swam everyday and ate only breakfast and dinner. He had a TV fitness show that extolled the virtues of basic, no-frills exercises for 35 years and founded one of the earliest health clubs back in the 1930s. A shrewd businessman who marketed supplements and juicers, his chain of health clubs eventually became Bally Total Fitness clubs. During his fantastic 96 years, Jack hung out with a whole gamut of them: from John Grimek to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
What a guy!