Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Asterix the Gaul - Part I

Asterix isn't merely a French comic that is set in ancient times (50 BC). It exploits various events and persons from those times to maximum comic effect. It also has clever references to many famous works of art and engineering feats. I have presented some of these clips in addition to a few non-art related clips as part of this series of posts.

Click each picture below to see its full size version.

For a more insightful introduction to Asterix, go here.

Album: Asterix and the Big Fight. Apparently there were two kinds of gauls. The ones who accepted the authority of Rome and the ones who didn't.

Dolmens are referred to several times in the comics.

Album: Asterix in Spain. Unhygienix here is talking to Asterix and Obelix (the latter being a menhir-delivery man).

Album: Asterix and the Goths.

The repeated sinking of the pirates is always refreshing and never feels overused.

Album: Asterix the Legionary. Anyone recognize this frame from elsewhere?

Apparently fish is needed to make magic potion. The village needs fresh fish and Asterix and Obelix go fishing. But things go awry and they end up being marooned unknown land. Obelix, however, is convinced that they must be in Crete.

Album: Asterix and the Great Crossing. Naturally some misunderstanding is evident at the beginning of the book when Asterix and Obelix come across "Romans in disguise" (native Americans really).

Album: Asterix and the Great Crossing. The native Americans eventually befriend our Gaulish friends and gift them this work of art depicting our friends' hunting skills. Uderzo's drawings are always so well detailed with such clean lines.

Album: Asterix and the Great Crossing. They have to signal a passing ship which, hopefully, would take them home.

More to follow...