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The no-routine weight lifting routine

I think it is okay not having a definite goal in mind when you embark on a new activity. Sometimes, it can be a bit difficult to form a vision. In this case, attempting to force yourself to form a vision before you participate may take the fun out of the activity. You would be setting yourself a mental block instead of making progress in some form. Take health and fitness, for example. Telling yourself you will have a six-pack by beginning of summer or be able to run a mile under four minutes or improve your blood lipid profile.. forget all that.

You could do body part split weight training. Advanced bodybuilders take this even further training hamstrings one session and quads the other. Or you could train the whole body in a single session. So if you are just getting into weight lifting, how do you have fun with it? How do you maintain enthusiasm? If you are coming back from a long lay-off, are not sure which routine is best to get back into the game and this, in turn, is preventing…