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University of Massachusetts @ Boston (UMB) - A Brief Review

Rather than talk about my entire history there or the quality of education, which largely will come down to an individual Professor's ability to engage their students and the students' own work ethic and motivation, I will just briefly point out stuff I observed on graduation day on May 31, 2019.

The campus is right by the ocean. So the graduation setting was on a large, new lawn by the ocean. It was a spectacular, warm day to begin that became cold and overcast half-way through. Brr.There were 2,700 graduating students as announced by a speaker. There may have been a collective gasp or groan from the audience upon hearing that number. My first thought was that it was going to be a long graduating ceremony. So, ok, it was a groan then. But my immediate takeaway here was that, if I ever did my Master's, I was going to spend a bit more money and get into a private school with a considerably less graduating number. I felt a bit elitist at that thought. But the UMB graduation …