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Showing posts from April 28, 2008

Bloody Hell!!

So I developed something like a stomach bug on Friday. Still I decided to go down to the Cape early on Saturday. But since I felt too lazy to rack and take my own bicycle, I had to rent one in Dennis. After about an hour of biking -- it was actually a bit chilly -- I decided to call it quits and returned to Boston. It wasn't the weather. I just wasn't into it because of the stomach thingy. I was supposed to have gone to David's party Saturday night in Inman Square but at the last minute decided to stay home and chill.Anyway.So I had nothing to do Saturday night. Sudhakar was out in Europe. The dollar was down. Didn't feel like watching TV or reading a book. So I whipped out my pipe -- no, not that one -- and started going through a 3rd of a pack of tobaccy. I am not a smoker. I will probably light up a couple of times a month for a few "look up at the ceiling and puff in contentment" pulls of fragrance. Although I will have to stay away from my pipes -- excep…