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Can any self-taught programmers share how you learned programming?

That was a question asked on Quora. And this was my response:

"Got referred to a part-time Software Tester job in ’98 by a student I befriended in a French course — an elective — during my 3rd year in college as a Political Science major. The testing process was monotonous: you recorded what you did on the application being tested and then played that recording back using some products calledRational RecorderandRose.How boring!So I tinkered around and found out that the test data was all captured as string values in a VBA script.Interesting.. this script thing! So I changed the string values, added my own, etc. and found that the scripts played back with the changed data.Oh wow! There was a product calledMicrosoft Access installed on my PC. I opened it — just like I had opened every other app that was installed on my PC — and wondered if I could capture the test data in this database thing and have the VBA script read data from that database instead. Few days later, I had VBA scr…