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Showing posts from June 25, 2007

The Queen (A brief movie review)

Helen Mirren was pretty good. But then I have always had a thing for her. No, really.

I like elegance and class in general: dining in style, the feel of a good suit, dignified bearing and conduct, choice of words (when not on weed) and all that. So that and a deep interest in history have always drawn me to the sumptuousness and lifestyles of the British monarchy. To be honest, I have never been interested in Diana or the antics of Prince Charles. My interest has always been the Queen and her interaction with parliament. So naturally I decided to watch this movie.

Its a good movie. It plays out during the first week immediately following Princess Diana's death. The guy portraying Tony Blair was very good. He resembled the real man too. I wouldn't call Helen Mirren's portrayal riveting although she was outstanding in some of the difficult scenes such as when she greets some mourners publicly (I thought that I was watching the real Queen). Some of the supporting characters (su…

Cape Cod Trip

Ok. So I went down to the Cape again. Big deal, man. I took last Friday off on a whim and joined Sudhakar and Dan down in Eastham. We bummed around for two days. The weather was beautiful!

Click pictures below for a larger image.

Some dude was out on one of the numerous (kettle?) ponds in the area.

Almost all of the rail trail (some 25 miles or so) has been repaved gradually over the last two years.

Rock Harbor in Orleans was at really low tide. My spirits on the other hand were at an alltime high.

I did my thing at the amphitheater outside the Salt Pond Visitor center. It did not draw in the crowds. Maybe I should have taken my clothes off. But I wasn't wearing any lingerie. So...yeah.

Ah, finally...the victory pose.

Buttonbush Trail. A brief hike around Salt Pond...did not prove to be our undoing.

Buttonbush Trail.

Buttonbush Trail. I trailed behind Sudhakar and Dan most of the time...and for good reason: such shots became possible. The trail itself was no sweat but then we were only ou…