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Showing posts from April 22, 2007

Ahista Ahista (a brief film review)

Hey, I found a good Hindi (they say, "Bollywood") movie Friday night.

Cho Chweet! Soha Ali Khan is exquisitely pretty while Abhay Deol has good presence.
The movie has a cast that is actually young. That is, no old dudes pretending to be 20 year olds. Both Soha and Abhay carry their roles capably. Sure there were cliches but I didn't care as the screenplay kept moving at a good pace. This movie for some reason reminded me of the award-winning Tamil movie Iyarkai, which starred the very under-rated Shaam, who, in my opinion, is probably the most natural actor working in Tamil cinema today (case in point, Shaam's casual performance in YNRAI). Anyway, it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the weather outside is a sunny 60F. I am off for a stroll around the North End. It is supposed to reach 75F in a couple of hours by which time I should be at the track in UMASS enjoying a session of sprinting. Then the kitty transfer happens when Raina gets back from France later today …