Sunday, November 25, 2007

In defense of Bear Grylls

You might want to visit the following two links first:

"Man vs. Wild" now truth vs. deception

The Man Vs Wild DVD set (and some real skeptical reviews) on Amazon

And here is the review I placed on amazon for the DVD set:

"I think that Bear (with his background in the military and a climb on Mt.Everest) started his show with a bit of cockiness. Personally I didn't mind that. Still I am glad to see the disclaimer/warning that they are putting up now before each episode begins (and Bear seems to have mellowed a bit as well). That should tell the skeptics that, like the reviewer below says, Bear's show is a "demonstration" of survival skills (something tells me the skeptics don't care). I like his show. My brother likes it. And a few other people I know like it. And we are all very active folks (not couch potatoes).

Now free climbing a 30 foot cliff to save hours from going around it (as he demonstrates it in the recent "Sahara" episode, which is not found in this collection) may or may not be stupid. But its thrilling (and, yes, I climb for fun) and you can't do it if you are overweight and prefer a couch to a cliff...which means you are naturally going to be skeptical of it :) That also means you have no business being alone and out in the kind of places where Bear does his filming. His show is entertaining and informative to me. But if I were going into unknown territory I would still seek out advice and knowledge from trusted sources before I go because that is the sensible thing to do. So...ease up, people. I agree that Les Stroud's "Survivorman" is more "realistic" but in terms of entertainment value, I feel drawn more to "Man Vs Wild"."