Thursday, April 17, 2008

Isn't this blogging stuff great?

There are so many blogs out there and I don't really write enough about any specific topic. Besides a lot of my posts are probably not that interesting. For one thing, I don't promote controversy or take risks in my writing. So I don't really wonder about people not commenting in here. I expect that my posts will get bolder and more interesting as the years roll by. If interaction with readers occurs, great. But I don't plan on spending that much time sitting before a computer and responding to reader comments. I would rather be out on my bicycle down in the Cape, ogling girls at the beach or hanging out in Harvard Square...ogling girls. I primarily put this blog together as a way to gather my thoughts, look back in time to read my own posts and wonder about my state of mind when I wrote those posts. In that way, this blog serves as a great log or diary.

My next post will be on the progress I have made on my Spring training program so far as well as a note on the design of the next phase of the program due to start next week. Next year, I will likely review all this data, think about how close it got me to my goal of reaching a body fat percent of around 10 (down from 16) and then make adjustments as necessary for Spring training 2009.