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Showing posts from February 23, 2008

$17.99 Each?!

A Soho 7-ounce Port glass. Simple yet so totally elegant.

The only thing missing from my glassware collection is a set of port glasses. This particular brand is selling for $17.99 a piece at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's daylight robbery! Well, maybe not. I can probably get some cheaper for a lot less at IKEA or Walmart. IKEA? Walmart? Come on. They are just not the same as Bed, Bath & Beyond. I got my Brandy snifters for $4.99 (all of 4 of 'em) at IKEA. Not too bad and they serve their purpose well. But they look nowhere like the rest of my glassware, which I got at BB&B. Hopefully, I can soon get a set of 4 of these Port glasses for a lot less. Hopefully...