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The MBTA's "Adopt a Track" Winter Program Takes Effect

February 2015
"The MBTA has introduced a winter sustainability program called "Adopt a Track". The primary purpose of this program is to allow local businesses to help the MBTA out in maintaining a certain portion of subway tracks during inclement weather. This, in turn, is expected to significantly ease the burden on the MBTA's regular employees. The MBTA worker's union has graciously agreed to let this program be test-driven for the next three years but on the condition that current MBTA compensations do not change during the course of this test-drive. The program took effect yesterday. In return for their sponsorship, participating local businesses will receive discounted winter fares for their employees and year-round sign branding at highly preferred spots in the sponsored areas. Not all of the MBTA's tracks will be a part of this program. Initially, this program will be test-driven on those portions of tracks and any stations that lie on those tracks w…