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Twin (x 2) Peaks

There is a rumor going around that the Olsen twins will be the next Bond girls.

The Olsen twins...before they could "bond" with anyone.

A lot of people are upset again. I mean a lot of people were upset when Daniel Craig was announced as the next James Bond. But look at what he has managed to accomplish. Now I am not saying that the Olsen twins would make an impact just like Craig did. But Craig had a resume of illustrious work behind him before he took up the role of the world's most famous superspy. The Olsen twins don't have a lot of varied experience. Plus they lack class and a certain amount of regal poise (the polar opposite of a Britney Spears, for instance) which are definite requirements for a Bond girl. So maybe they will just show up for an "overnighter", if you get my drift.