Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Colebrook, New Hampshire

So I was up at Colebrook recently visiting Russ' Dad's place. It was a 5 hour drive from Boston but Russ's pickup was pretty comfortable. I was hoping to get some great pictures of the foliage. But the weather for the most part was wet and dreary and the light kept changing constantly. And, of course, there had also been a moderate amount of leaf drop.

Here are some photographs from our trip. They were all shot hand held using a Nikon D70 set to automatic white balancing with high color saturation. Click each picture for a larger version.

Let's get started...
Manual, 1/160 secs, F5.6, ISO 400, Fill Flash

The views were spectacular!
Manual, 1/125 secs, F8, ISO 200

The woods were lovely, dark and deep.
Shutter Priority, 1/125 secs, F4.5, ISO 400

Nothing like a good old trout stream to add some reassuring background murmur.
Aperture Priority, 1/125 secs, F8, ISO 400

I took a few shots.
Manual, 1/125 secs, F5.6, ISO 800

And so did Russ...at the occasional grouse that had the audacity to show itself in his presence. Note the bird in the top left corner of the picture.
Manual, 1/250 seconds, F5.6, ISO 400, Fill Flash

We stopped at Russ' aunt's place...one huge mowed lawn really. Canada (yes, that Canada) can be seen on the horizon.
Aperture Priority, 1/320 secs, F8, ISO 400

Then we visited the Balsams. The buildings reminded me of Bavarian architecture.
Aperture Priority, 1/320 secs, F8, ISO 1000

Then a nice winding drive took us to the Balsam's clubhouse for lunch.
Aperture Priority, 1/250 secs, F8, ISO 800

The clubhouse was on top of a mountain. I lunched sumptuously on Salmon caesar salad, margaritas and coffee!
Aperture Priority, 1/15 secs, F8, ISO 1000

Before we left Colebrook, we stopped briefly at the Beaver Brook Falls. Very nice!
Aperture Priority, 1/80 secs, F8

Outside Colebrook and on our way back home, we stopped at some guy's farm where Christmas trees were cultivated. You can make out a dusting of snow on one of the distant peaks.
Aperture Priority, 1/640 secs, F8, ISO 800

The flora looked more lush on hill sides.
Aperture Priority, 1/320 secs, F5.6, ISO 200

And a close up of the aforementioned snowy peak using a 400mm telephoto.
Aperture Priority, 1/2000 secs, F6.3, ISO 1000

The cabin we stayed in was cozy and comfortable. It had two bedrooms and a good-sized living room with a fireplace. Maybe I will bring a girl here someday to roll around in the hay with...
Aperture Priority, 1/80 secs, F8, ISO 400

The living room. Bring your own hay!
Aperture Priority, 1/3 secs, F6.3, ISO 800

I made a mental note to bring my ND grad filters (and tripod) next time around as quite a bit of the pictures came out with overly exposed skies. It was all in all, an outstanding weekend!!