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Showing posts from August 7, 2007

Anatomy of a scene

I sat there for a while on my paloose in the middle of a small, snow-covered clearing and studied the scene around me. It was very late in the afternoon. There was no sun. And the sky was awash in dark grays and blacks. Yet somehow there was light. The big pine stands surrounding the clearing were still. Not a soul seemed to be stirring within them. I was maybe fifty yards away from the nearest tree and could see the dusting of snow on their leaves but what caught my attention most was how still the trees were. Their tops gradually and unevenly disappeared into the swirling fog above. It was eerily quiet and surreal. This was an entirely new world and me and the paloose had somehow wandered into it. Had man even tread here before?

I looked to my left and ahead to the edge of the clearing where a short black cliff maybe 20 feet high glistened in the dusky light. There was a faint rough, white line somewhere about the cliff's middle that gave the suggestion of a slight crease in it…