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The Quick and the Dead (1987) - A brief movie review

I had briefly reviewed Louis L'amour's The Quick and the Dead in my blog last year. I normally shy away from movie adaptations as they tend to be nowhere near what the book would be. But last week I had a sudden hankering to see if this book had been turned into a movie...and it was. So I got it through Netflix. I am not disappointed. I am very happy with how the movie has been made. I had always felt that the book's pivot point was the character of Susanna Mackaskell. Everyone else -- Duncan Mackaskell, our Hero Con Vallian, the baddies and the never-ending prairie -- get mentioned a lot. But it was Susanna who somehow kept the proceedings together.

When I saw in the opening credits that it was Kate Capshaw -- yes, that Kate Capshaw from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom -- who had been cast as Susanna, I began to give myself virtuous airs. However, as soon as Kate appeared on screen, I was very interested. Within ten seconds, I realized that she was an inspired choice.…