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Showing posts from September 7, 2007

Pardon my cynicism again but...

There are regulations as to what one can wear to work in government offices in India. Perfectly normal. What are workers but wayward bees without regulations?

It is also equally normal for some Hindu men to wear a tilak or a red dot on their foreheads. Apparently one man has come under fire (well, almost) for wearing a tilak to his office as that is against regulations in that agency. He is protesting in terms of religious right and the fact that he has been wearing the til for the past 30 years.

The full article is here.

What caught my attention was the following statement he made:

"It has religious sentiment for me and if somebody goes on harassing me on this pretext I'll have no option but to commit suicide."

I say harass the motherf*cker! India does not need people with that attitude...especially since I am not there anymore.

Having said that, I have to say that the regulation to disallow people from wearing the til is a stupid one. It is not practical to enforce in a coun…

Pardon my cynicism but...

People go missing all the time. So why are this couple suddenly receiving the attention of the "world's media"?

"...the couple were granted a brief audience with Pope Benedict XVI in Rome..."


Anyone know how many people have been killed in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood in the last six months? Check out the stats here.