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Calling the folks

Calling the folks up weekly. My goodness, what a tedious thing to do. Once the usual greetings have gone by, it is time for an awkward exchange of status,

"So.. how are things?"

Wait! Isn't that the same question posited to me last week.. and the week before that? Well, the answer is the bloody same. The worst thing people of any age can do is sit at home all day long and watch soap operas. I envy those few friends of mine whose parents lead a full life. Now those folks have their own thing going with a steady, even if unremarkable, circle of friends and acquaintances, one or two of who are sure to breathe their last in the next 12 months. But, more importantly, these folks have engaged themselves in lifelong pursuits of interesting things outside of familial commitments. They have long cultivated a mindset of doing and staying engaged.

One parent picked up painting after she retired from being a school teacher for 30 years and now teaches painting. Another picked up rif…

"Heller in Pink Tights" - A brief movie review

What an awful "adaptation" of Louis L'Amour's excellent Heller with a Gun. I suppose the movie could stand on its own right if you have never read the book. But if you have read the book.. 57 times.. since your teenage years.. like I have, you will be disappointed. The book has a serious, sometimes dark theme while the movie is marred by facetiousness. The exciting opening gambit in the book sets a tone that is then consistently carried throughout the book. This gambit is completely missing in the movie. The book's location involves travel through dense woods in deep winter in Wyoming territory but the movie looks like it was filmed in the sand hills of Utah during early summer. Snow makes an appearance for about two minutes.. could have been that the technology available at that time did not allow for cold weather filming. Character development, if any, is uneven in the movie and takes away from the dignity -- and humanity -- of some of the characters in the bo…